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Home Safety Evaluation

We will perform a thorough walk through of your home, identifying potential hazards and suggest solutions to remedy these issues.  You can decide which items you would like us to take care of, and then we can schedule the installation.  Our typical in-home installations are completed in one day.  


 Every six minutes, an American child under the age of 5 falls down the stairs and is rushed to the hospital. We can safely secure hardware mounted gates to your stairwells to keep your child safe.


Saftey latches and locks can prevent poisoning from cleaning products and medicines.  This is one safety product that cannot be missed.  We can not only help you identify the best products for your family, but our installation can help free up your time!


One child dies per week in the U.S. due to tip over accidents. We can securely mount or anchor these items to ensure the safety of your little one.


Accidental drowning is the leading cause of death among children under age 5.  We offer pool safety fences with self-closing, self-latching, lockable gates. 

Other Hazards

Every year, nearly 2,400 children receive an electrical shock from placing items in the slots of an electrial outlet.  From experience with their own families, our professionals can identify which outlet covers would work the best for your family.

There are many dangers around your home of which you may not be aware.  Let our professionals conduct a thorough safety evaluation of your home to uncover these hazards and help give you peace of mind.

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